Capital Security Service

Business Description: Capital Security Service are the leader in the field of Security Guards of Every Requirement is Registered under the Private Security Agencies.

We provide Security Guards Services, Armed Guards Security Services, Trained Security Guards Services, Gun Man Security Services, VIP and Executive Security services, Corporate Security Services, Industrial Security Guards Services, Domestic Security Guards Services, Project and Event Security Services, Personal Body guards, Security Guards Training, Security Guards Recruitment Services, Security supervisors, Guarding Services Lady Security Officers Agra, India.  capital security service in sadabad, capital security service, capital security service in agra, capital security service in hathras, capital security service near me, capital security service near me sadabad, capital security service koopa road, capital security service sadabad, guard services in sadabad, security service in sadabad, bouncer capital security service, bouncer security service in sadabad,

These cost effective services successfully meet the desired requirement of our clients.. We feel pleased to take this opportunity

Business Information

Business Details
Business Name: Capital Security Service
Type of Business: Service Provider
Business Category: Security Agency
Business Start: 2020
Current Status: Active
GST No: no
Contact Details
Business Owner: Umesh Kumar
Address: Boodh Vihar Colony, Koopa Road, Sadabad
Contact Number: 09927046286
Email ID: [email protected]
Website: No

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